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Date: 01.02.2015
Time: 00:31
USD: 2.4176 TL
EUR: 2.7397 TL
H&b Emlak
Girne Karakum Yolu Eren ishani Karpuzoglu Eczane Yani Dükkan :2 H&B Emlak
Girne/Girne (K.K.T.C.)
Tel.1: (392)8157810
Mobile1: (533)8644150
Fax: (392)8157756
Our Mission Our mission is to meet the customers' expectations in the best possible way in line with their requirements and the available means and to provide the fastest and most reliable pre and post sales and leasing services in the real estate sector. H&B Estates, as a trademark, has been operating in the real estate sector, especially in Kyrenia and Nicosia, on the strength of its experience and professional endeavor since 2001. H&B Estates also offers legal services for settling pre and post sales related legal disputes regarding the real properties it sells, and for investing money in real properties and finding the right properties as per individual requirements thanks to its knowledge, skills and experience that has been gained through the years. Our Vision Regarding customer satisfaction as the precondition for growth, the vision of our company is to determine the rapidly increasing contemporary technological advancements and customer requirements and to meet the requirements in a prompt and accurate manner through providing our services that are based on knowledge and experience. Our aim is to offer quality in the most appropriate way and thereby grow a balanced and reliable fashion with a view to offering more quality and efficient services to the masses each and every day
( for rent )
Girne (K.K.T.C.)/Girne
Type: Work
Price: 3,200GBP
EJ-ID: 3318620
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Girne (K.K.T.C.)/Girne
Type: Work
Price: 1,200GBP
EJ-ID: 3318575
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Girne (K.K.T.C.)/Girne
Type: House
Price: 580GBP
EJ-ID: 3305843
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( for sale )
Girne (K.K.T.C.)/Girne
Type: House
Price: 64,990GBP
EJ-ID: 3318316
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Girne (K.K.T.C.)/Ozanköy
Type: Land
Price: 119,990GBP
EJ-ID: 3317893
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Girne (K.K.T.C.)/Lapta
Type: Land
Price: 74,990GBP
EJ-ID: 3317856
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